Annual Tune-Ups

tuneup.jpgOur 13-point annual tune-up will help keep your system running at peak efficiency, cut your annual fuel bills by up to 10 percent and help prevent inconvenient breakdowns. We will perform the following steps:


  1. Inspect and clean heating unit, flue pipe, chimney base
  2. Inspect and clean electrode and nozzle assembly
  3. Lubricate all motors, bearings, fans, circulators
  4. Reseal all access panels
  5. Inspect fuel storage tank and lines (if accessible)
  6. Replace fuel filter element (if applicable)
  7. Inspect and clean fuel pump
  8. Drain expansion tank (if necessary)
  9. Inspect oil burner nozzle
  10. Inspect drawer tube and end cone
  11. Inspect combustion chamber 
  12. Inspect for oil leaks, water leaks, and general condition of heating system
  13. Start and test all safety and operating controls


We use the most advanced electronic testing equipment to analyze your system, and we give you a "report card" on our findings. Your annual pre-season tune-up is included in each of our heating service plans. We also offer annual pre-season air conditioning check-ups.